Seattle: The Emerald City (Really!)

It is not the heat, it is the humidity.– David Letterman (ok not really, but it was a catch phrase for a while) No matter where you live, people can find a reason to complain about the weather (or is it weather forecasting?).  Seattle is no different and while we call it the “Emerald City”…


By the way … Office "12" Beta 1 is live

Just thought I’d let folks know that Office “12” Beta 1 went live today.  We’re pretty excited about the product and getting it into customer hands. Way to go team!


The 100 hour work week: believe it or not?

So how much and how hard do you have to work at Microsoft to be successful? I was asked this question by a graduating student who has an offer from Microsoft to be a software design engineer. Actually the question was “do I have to work 100 hours a week to be successful?”I went back…


Release timing and Office products — how fast is fast enough?

I’ve been asked quite a bit by people interviewing at Microsoft about “software release”.  This post will talk about our strategy around product releases for Office products, since we have been pretty consistent over the years and this represents a balance between some competing interests. The topic comes up because there has been a lot…