This week — visits to a couple of Boston area colleges

I will be visiting both Harvard and MIT this coming week.  I look forward to meeting any students with a passion for software interested in working at Microsoft full time.

  • MIT Wednesday Oct 19 @ Building 34, Room 101, Reception at 4:45pm, presentation at 5:00
  • Harvard Thursday Oct 20 @ Maxwell Dworkin G115, Reception at 6:15 pm, presentation at 6:30

Building Microsoft Office or what it is like to order pizza for 400,000,000 people

In this highly interactive talk you will see what it is like to design the next generation Microsoft Office and what it is like to design and build the interface that will be used by hundreds of millions of people.  You will learn how a small team designed and developed a new metaphor for computer-human-interaction that improves upon the Xerox PARC developed metaphor of drop down menus and the decades old metaphor of toolbars.  You will get a sneak preview of the new Office “12” product.  There will be plenty of time to ask questions and learn about Microsoft and the different opportunities for you.  No questions are off limits and all are welcome!


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  1. Fadi says:

    Thanks for the invitation. Do you pay the round trip ticket from Lebanon?

  2. steven_sinofsky says:

    Sorry we don’t. However, if you are in the boston area I will buy pizza or coffee if you’re a graduating computer science major 🙂

    Fadi, you should have a look at and look for information on applying. In addition we have technical positions in our field sales offices all around the middle east and Africa. The closes office for you would be:

    Microsoft Lebanon

    PO Box 11-1850 Beirut,


    Al Borj Nahar Building Martyrs Square

    Beirut Central District, Solidere

    Phone: +961 1 983344

    Fax: +961 1 983349

    The location for all of our offices is:


  3. Ian Ceicys says:

    I’m really interested in coming to work for Microsoft, specifically in the Office group. With people like Chris Prately and Chris Kunicki, the Office group at Microsoft is amazing. I’m a recent college graduate and an MVP (snuck into your talk at the summit about the UI). I’ve already applied through the website but as a recent college graduate with out any professional experience my application is in limbo. I’d love to come and here your talk…and I hope I can make it…you give really good talks.

    For more information about me:

  4. Robert Banghart says:

    Hi Steven:

    I think a lot of us would be interested in viewing a web-based version of your "Building Microsoft Office or what it is like to order pizza for 400,000,000 people" presentation.

    How about it?

  5. Fadi says:

    Thanks Steven. That address is extremely familiar to me 🙂 I’ve been an intern in Microsoft Lebanon (East Med) since December 2003. In 2 months, I will celebrate my 2 years as intern. I was referred to your blog by Chris Parley. I met him two days ago. It was around 21:00 and everyone had left the office. I introduced myself and he gave me the privilege of a 20-minute conversation during which we spoke about lots of stuff. What I was eager to know, is how it felt, if he could describe it by words, to develop a product that influences the work of half a billion person around the globe…how the slightest plus in the application, when used by all these people, adds up to make a great success influencing millions of people and businesses …and how the slightest mistake adds up to produce a tragedy…anyway…when I told Chris about my utmost determination of leaving to the US as soon as I graduate, he spoke to me about you and the great efforts you’re spending for recruiting the right people to Corp. He told me that I am in an excellent position since I’ve been in the company for 2 years and I can have excellent recommendations from my managers. He gave me your blog address and he told that if I write to you, you’d answer. Can you help? If you meet me well enough, you’ll know how much I am really worth it.

    I forgot to take Chris’s email. When you see him, please make sure to tell him that I thank him for taking the time to give me valuable career advices, for referring me to you and most importantly for his heartening and empowering words that wonderfully roused my ambition and my determination after the conversation. This guy really impressed me especially with his modesty and his care!

    Best, Fadi

  6. Fadi says:

    I am a computer engineer and I’ll keep in mind your Coffee/pizza offer when i visit Boston.

    You made a post on August 8th on the following topic "Do you have to be a computer science major to work on Microsoft products? NO you don’t."

    So… next time, instead of saying:

    "However, if you are in the boston area I will buy pizza or coffee if you’re a graduating computer science major 🙂 "

    You’d better say:

    "However, if you are in the boston area I will buy pizza or coffee if you’re SOMEONE WITH GREAT PASSION FOR SOFTWARE:-) "



  7. steven_sinofsky says:

    Except on this trip I am not going to buy coffee for everyone in boston with a passion for computer software!

  8. Hardik says:


    how about coming to india sometime?

  9. steven_sinofsky says:

    I definitely want to make it to India. We have many senior members of the team visiting India throughout the year and of course you can always contact our development facilities in India for opportunities.

  10. hardik says:

    can u give some info regarding whom to contact?i tried visiting india site but it is not much usefull.


  11. hardik says:


  12. Nick says:

    Second the request for a video of the event online. Stanford MBA student here, and someone with a big interest in Office 12 & HCI 🙂

  13. Fadi says:

    Steven, Andy contacted me.

    Million Thanks

  14. Fadi says:


    I have some questions about the MBA in Stanford. I may be applying next year. Do you mind if I contact you?

  15. steven_sinofsky says:

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to tape this. However depending on teh school there is a good chance we can find a member of the team (or me) to present on campus at a recruiting event. Send me mail (contact form) if you want me to see if we can arrange this.

    If you are interested in the new user interface for Office you can check out Julie’s video on channel9 or Jensen’s blog on


  16. Nick says:

    Fadi – I’d be glad to answer a few questions. Email me at nickforum at gmail

    Steven – I’m an avid reader to all the O12 blogs, and I’ve already forwarded them on to some of my profs. From what I’ve seen, including Julie’s video, I’m quite excited. I’ll let you know about recruiting – I had some questions re:careers so I’ll shoot you an email at some pt.

  17. Ilana says:

    I attended your talk at MIT. It was an excellent discussion, and I was very impressed with Office 12. Keep up the good work, and thanks for taking the time to present to us!

  18. Fadi says:

    Nick, Thanks I will.

    Steve, since it’s coming out with Windows VISTA, why don’t you name it Office VISTA like you did with Office XP? How does this reflect on your sales and marketing?

  19. Fadi says:

    …by the way, how were the presentations in MIT and Harvard?

  20. Really enjoyed your presentation at MIT.

    I’m very impressed with the UI update in Office 12 — truly revolutionary (and very gutsy).

    I’m hoping that some of the UI widgets and metaphors will be made available through the Windows/.Net API so that developers of third-party applications can leverage the great work the Office team has done.


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