congratulations Will — final project presentation

Today Will, one of our interns from the Boston area did a demo of his summer's project.  He did a great job and the project ended up quite good. 

He had a lot to learn this summer as he had to wrap himself around Office "12" and learn the ins and outs of the *new* SharePoint, InfoPath, and some new technologies from Windows Server and integrate those.  I wish I could share more but we're just not public with the features yet.  Suffice it to say, Will's work will be important features in Office "12" and will definitely make the flow of work around corporations go much more smoothley when using the Office "12" platform.

Here's a photo from Will's presentation out on my MSN Space.  His mentor is on the left and on the right is the dev manager for the group (who happened to go to the same school and was once an intern way back).

Way to go Will!



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