Intern culture — two great video examples

Just wanted to point folks to two great views of intern culture caught on video.

On Channel9 you can find interviews with a bunch of interns in real-world discussion.

On iFilm, a group of interns chose to document their summer by creating a most unique music video.

I'm already starting to miss our interns.  The good news is we'll have more next year and a lot of folks are excited to receive offers for full time jobs at Microsoft after they graduate and we're super happy to see them join the team!


Comments (5)

  1. The music video link seems to be dead 🙁

  2. steven_sinofsky says:

    It seems to come and go. I had better luck when I was logged onto ifilm but I really don’t know if that matters or not. Sorry about that.

  3. Steven Hemingray [MSFT] says:

    The video can also be found here:

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