Difference between FTPS and SFTP

I have seen people get confused between FTPS and SFTP and refer these technologies interchangeably. But the fact is they are not same.


FTPS (commonly referred to as FTP/SSL) is a name used to encompass a number of ways in which FTP software can perform secure file transfers. Each way involves the use of a SSL/TLS layer below the standard FTP protocol to encrypt the control and/or data channels. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FTPS


Good news is IIS7 now supports FTPS - http://blogs.technet.com/extreme/archive/2007/05/23/ftps-in-iis7-is-sweeter.aspx


SSH File Transfer Protocol or SFTP is a network protocol that provides file transfer and manipulation functionality over any reliable data stream. It is typically used with the SSH-2 protocol (TCP port 22) to provide secure file transfer, but is intended to be usable with other protocols as well. - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SSH_file_transfer_protocol

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  1. Siva Vemuri says:

    The good article that I've seen on this article is (external link): http://www.differencebetween.net/…/difference-between-ftps-and-sftp

  2. Nam Nguyen says:

    "SFTP" abbreviation is often mistakenly used to specify some kind of Secure FTP, by which people most often mean FTPS. Another (similar) mistake is that SFTP is thought to be some kind of FTP over SSL. In fact SFTP is an abbreviation of "SSH File Transfer Protocol". This is not FTP over SSL and not FTP over SSH (which is also technically possible, but very rare). When it comes to FTP and SFTP functionality for .NET you can use Ultimate FTP: http://www.componentpro.com/ftp.net and Ultimate SFTP: http://www.componentpro.com/sftp.net, respectively.

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