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.Net Code Comment Analyzer.

Counts the code comments for a c#.Net Code .This is a plug in which embeds into Vs2010 IDE and on Invocation gives a count of the comments in the code. The solution can contain multiple projects, It gives a count of each and every C# project in the solution and gives a nicely formatted Report…


Undo other users checkout

1. Log in as Tfs Admin 2. Launch Visual studio command prompt 3. use the below Undo workspace command. tf undo /workspace:userxyzworkpacename  “$/Silver/Documents/Project Management/Sprint 12/*.*” /s:http://servername:8080/TFS/[ProjectCollectionName] 4.For recursively deleting all files under the folder use tf undo /workspace:userxyzworkpacename  “$/Silver/Documents/Project Management/Sprint 12/” /s:http://servername:8080/TFS/[ProjectCollectionName] /RECURSIVE