Network Adapter/ Interface Analyzer, viewer, Speed Calculator

I have written a simple .net 3.5 based winforms solution, which shows all information about the Network Adapters and the download / upload speed etc. check it out here. Download here


Windows Forms GUI based Trace Listener

Many times we find it difficult to view Trace information written from our Win Forms Application. Since we dont have a Trace.axd like Web Apps have. I have created a simple UI based Trace Listener to debug / Trace information . Displays all the Trace.Writeline’s or Debug.Writelines in the entire Windows Forms Application to the WinForms…


Override SaveViewState Custom Controls – Cautious

Be cautious when you Override SaveViewState during Custom Control development. The SaveViewState is called on Page Load and all Post Backs, irrespective of whether the property backed by the viewstate is modified  programatically or at runtime. It could cost you heavily if the Page has a lot of viewstate backed properties..  


Optimize Viewstate and Enum

In Asp.Net , When we use custom enumerations , and store them in the ViewState as Enum Text (Single or Married),for eg. enum MyStatus { Single = 0, Married } The FullTypeName, i.e, name of the Type, the assembly Name, Strong name public key, culture  etc are stored in the viewstate. takeus up Almost 200…


.Net 1.1 to 2.0 Migration Guidelines

Look at the attached file thanks to Also check out msdn webcast Presentation with this webcast I have also attached the codec to view the webcast[Video]


Performance testing WCF web services using VSTS unit Tests

1. Create a Performance session using the performance wizard 2. Add the website hosting the WCF service to be profiled 3.Choose instrumentation rather than sampling , since it would give you the time spent in individual functions etc. 4.For some reason, the IDE doesnt give us an option to choose the unit test project as…


Automate Creating certificates for WCF

Creating certificates for Wcf Testing open visual studio 2008 command prompt and run as administrator. makecert.exe -sr LocalMachine -ss MY -pe -sky exchange -n “CN=WcfClientCert” WcfClientCert.cer cert2spc WcfClientCert.cer WcfClientCert.spcpvkimprt -pfx WcfClientCert.spc WcfClientCert.pvk The command (pvkimprt -pfx) creates the file using a Gui ,name it as WcfClientCert.pfx. This PFX file can then be imported into the…


Creating Custom WCF Proxy files

I wanted to have my proxy files created using svcutil to have my custom base class instead of clientbase and , i wanted to remove all unnecessary constructors and add my own constructors etc. I had thought that it would be a manual job, But There is a way.. Thanks to pedram’s blog , i…


Diagnostics SharedListeners vs Listeners

Shared Listener as the name suggests can be used by 2 or more trace sources(eg. Say one logs Messages and other logs Errors, Warnings etc) by using a friendly name. But if both of them plan to use the same tracefile, Then the advantage here is you don’t have to repeat the Type, culture etc…