How Microsoft/DevDiv uses TFS – Chapter 3 (Implementing the Process)

In previous posts and I talked about out processes. Today I'm going to introduce how we implemented our processes using TFS.


In review, our process looks something like this. Read this post, for more information on the process.


We used work items to tracking the above information.

The Value Proposition work item


Note the following:

  1. The Scenarios are implemented by creating a Scenario field on the Value Prop work item, and setting ALLOWEDVALUES to the list of Scenarios. Since Scenarios (aka Pillars or Business Objectives) were small in number and fairly fixed as to what they were, this seemed appropriate.
  2. The relationship between Value Props and Experiences were tracked by linking Value Prop work items to Experience work items.
  3. The Value Prop has several fields to define the Value Prop, most notably the Description field to describe what the Value Prop was.

The Experience work item


Note the following

  1. Experiences are linked up to Value Props
  2. Experiences are linked down to Features


The Feature work item



Note the following:

  1. Features are linked up to Experiences
  2. The feature has many fields defining it. The Description field gives the curious browser a short description of the feature.
  3. For more information, a person can go to the One Page spec on the feature. An URL is provided in the field.

What's next...

Will talk about how the planning process worked in Orcas.

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  3. In the previous post , I spoke about how we used TFS to implement the process. In this post, I’ll talk

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  8. landersen says:

    Just out of curiosity, I noticed on the screenshots a "Project" field that is a drop-down and it looks to be enabled.  I am assuming that this is a custom field you created and not the System.TeamProject field built into TFS?  Does this mean that objectives, value-props, experiences, & features are all tracked in their own TFS project and then work items are delegated to individual TFS projects when work is assigned?

    Just curious.


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