Work Item Tracking usability improvements – Part 2

In Part 1, I covered the following usability improvements we made in TFS 2008: drag-and-drop attachments, field name in tooltip, drag-and-drop columns and MRU field list. Here are the rest of the features.


Project scoped field list

The list of fields shown in query builder are now scoped to the active project that is in context making the list more manageable especially when there are many projects on the server.

Here's a screenshot of the field list shown in query builder for two different projects on the same server:


* The red box in the screenshot is for illustrative purposes



The Column Options dialog also allows filtering the list of fields per project:



Save attachments

Files attached to a work item can be saved without having to open the attachment, just select the attachment and click the 'Save...' button. Here's a screenshot:



Multi-sort columns in query results

Query results can be sorted on multiple columns using shift+click. Here's a clip:

 * Double-click the video to view in full screen mode


Sort and expand/collapse on history field

History field defaults to showing the most recent changes at the top. This timeline can now be reversed to look at changes from the beginning.

All the entries in the history field can be expanded or collapsed using the shortcut menu making it easier to drill into specific changes.

Here's a clip:


Most of these features are a result of feedback we received from users like you. So, if you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to add comments to our blog posts or post a comment on our MSDN forums. Thanks!

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  2. Buck Hodges says:

    Recently I was showing someone the results of a bug query and sorting by more than one column in work

  3. Buck Hodges , one of our Dev Managers, recently referenced one my posts and I got a couple of emails

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