TFS Report developer resources

Mauli, a core reporting team member, has compiled a great reference list of articles, reference documentation, tutorials and blogs for report developers.

From: Mauli Shah

Hi all,

There have been a lot of questions about references for making reports. I’ve been keeping a running list of references that I’ll share with you here. I encourage you all to reply with references that you have found helpful, and material that you’d like to see.




Video for creating custom reports:

MSDN article on creating SSRS reports:

Webcasts about SSRS:

SSRS tutorials:

SSRS report samples for TFS:



TFS Warehouse documentation:

TFS General documentation:

How to write a warehouse adapter:

How to make a work item field reportable:


SSRS Report Design: Best Practices and Guidelines:


Article for MDX newbies:


Tutorials for AS, RS, MDX:


Here are some resources that our dev team uses:

This book is good for getting up to speed on MDX basics:  Fast Track to MDX

Caveat: The cube they use is very different from the TFS cube.


Lots of trial and error with Report Designer.



Mosha’s blog is great for OLAP/MDX:

Brian Welcker has a lot of stuff on SSRS:

Chris Hays has a bunch of “hacks” for SSRS:

Ameya’s blog has some good resources and some videos on different report authoring tools (you don’t have to just use Report Designer!):



TFS Reporting forum:

TFS General forum:

Analysis Services forum:
Services forum:

Excel Discussion Group:

Visio Discussion Group:



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  1. paso says:

    I’m happy to see that "Lots of trial and error with Report Designer." is listed in the Documentation chapter. Having stumbled accross most of the links listed above, I still find it very hard and time conusming to create good reports once you have changed the process template. IMO this is one of the weakest points in TFS that needs a lot more attention. Tools and documentation available are weak and/or not very user friendly. E.g.: Report Designer can only handle very simple MDX syntax in Design Mode and the editor of the Query View is very basic; e.g.: it doesn’t show line numbers so you have to count the lines yourself when an error like "Query preparation failed. Query (49, 1) Parser: The syntax for ‘SELECT’ is incorrect. (msmgdsrv)" occurs.

    The Report Builder is even worse: see″>

    I think you even advised NOT to use Report Builder at all: "We know there are perf and usability problems using Report Builder with TFS, so we don’t recommend using it.(″>

    And other posts:


  2. Buck Hodges on VSTS Profiler: Installing only the command line tool. The SRLTeam Blog on TFS Migration…

  3. Buck Hodges says:

    I don’t often post about reporting. My last post was about sample reports for TFS from a year ago. If

  4. Welcome! I thought that I would kick this blog off with a list of some good resources for learning about

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