Tool to configure SharePoint Server for dashboard compatibility with Team Foundation Server 2010

If you have or planing to have Team foundation server 2010 integration with SharePoint Server(MOSS) and unsure of the SharePoint configurations needed to get the dashboards(Tfs Excel reports that show as dashboards in team project portal site) working,

Then here is a tool for you.

Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 MOSS Configuration Tool

 When you download from the above link it will just copy the tool(and help documentation) to the selected folder.

The tool configures an existing installation of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for use with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server. The configuration tool is designed to configure relatively simple deployments of Office SharePoint Server 2007 or SharePoint Server 2010. The tool uses default values to configure the features.

The tool configures the following features in

Office SharePoint Server 2007:

  • Shared Service Provider (SSP)
  • Excel Services
  • Single Sign-on

SharePoint Server 2010:

  • Excel Services
  • Secure Store Service

When To Run the Tool?

  1. SharePoint Server (2007 or 2010) installed and configured
  2. Team Foundation Server 2010 installed and configured (Integrated with SharePoint Server install in Step 1)
  3. Run the tool on SharePoint Server machine.

The tool does not depend on Team Foundation Server installation, so you can run the tool after Step 1. above, but you will need below 2 accounts from the Team Foundation Server 2010 installation, which is also mentioned in the Pre-requisite section of the help document.

  1. A domain group account of all users of Team Foundation Server who will require access to the team portal (PortalUsers)
  2. The data sources reader account for Team Foundation Server (referred to in the documentation as TFSReports)

If you give it a try, Please let me know how it went.

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