Ribbon Hero Reset – UNSUPPORTED UNSUPPORTED – but hey it works!

So, I just got back from New York and LA doig our Microsoft Innovative Educator training with over 60 educators in 3 cities and one question came up a couple of times. How do you reset the score in Ribbon Hero? Of course one would ask why reset the score, but then the answer would be in the instance of a computer lab where multiple classes come to use the machines. As mentioned several times, don't play with the registry unless you're familiar with repairing it. 

So, if you've never heard of Ribbon Hero - download on this page http://bit.ly/hvTkvi, if you do have Ribbon Hero and you're reading this try this method below, I got it from the Office Labs forum here. http://bit.ly/fO4yF4  Oh and two things, 1. If you're not confident about doing this, start RH, and then delete the key AppScore (if you have an existing score), restart RH, see what your score is. 2. I had two instances of RH under both Office Labs Folders, I deleted both, started RH and had 0 score. 

From Jonas on Office Labs Forum: Uninstalling / reinstalling will not reset your score. There is no way to reset your score using the Ribbon Hero application. If you are brave enough to modify the registry you can reset your computer by deleting the Ribbon Hero entry at HKCU\​Software\​Microsoft\​OfficeLabs\​.You should only attempt this if you are confident with working with the registry. Having a way to clear your score in the Ribbon Hero application is something we can consider for a later release.

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