Attention Math Lovers: what does 250,000 equal?

Okay, a bit of a trick question. It is the number of times the new Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 product has been downloaded in the past month! Yes, it is pretty incredible, so somebody out that must like it! And we want to hear from you.

 In preparation for PiDay on 3/14, we are looking to highlight interesting examples of Math teachers using Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 in the classroom. We’re interested in helping shine a light on teachers who are using Microsoft Mathematics as a tool to aiding students in their understanding and comprehension of math and science concepts. 

 If you haven’t seen Math 4.0 yet it is the latest update to the Math 3.0 product that we used to charge for, but it is now freeyay for free software for educators!

 Given the incredibly wide-ranging topics math educators must cover with the pressures of standardized testing it is often challenging to explore all areas in-depth. With Math 4.0, teachers can help students dive into the math concepts they’re most interested in or perhaps struggling with in an engaging way.

 Math 4.0 includes a powerful computer algebra system with a friendly user interface. Algebra and geometry students benefit from fast, clear step-by-step equation-solving, while more advanced students get help in subjects such as calculus, trigonometry, physics, and chemistry.

 Microsoft Mathematics makes it easy to generate large 2D and enhanced 3D color graphs that fully depict an answer. Students can play with variables in the equation and instantly see the effects. An animated Trace function shows how values change at different points along the graph.

Math 4.0


Screenshot of the new Math 4.0



Download Math 4.0 for free right here.

 We have a great Teacher’s Guide for Math 4.0 and a simple step-by-step guide and a few other items if you’re new to the product.

 Last, but certainly not least, there is also a Math Add-In for Word and OneNote, and you can find it here.










Comments (2)

  1. Debbie Vaughan says:

    Thank you for this information.  I love free software, I didn't know microsoft had a mathematics package. I can't wait to try it out.  

  2. shubham says:

    thanks for this software keep it up upload more maths softwares for finding equations

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