It’s Tony Time!!! Office Web Apps for everyone!


Hopefully you’ve had the chance to take a look at the Tony Time video posted on YouTube this past week to give you an idea of what I’ll be covering in this series of videos showcasing specific technology for you schools. If not, view below!

While creating the next set of videos I had to figure out how to keep your attention while still imparting some good information. I spent the break collaborating with some of the educators who are great at sharing their innovations with me and working with “Teach” (read our about post) on what our Tony Time videos should focus on. I think we came to a consensus that we wanted to allow our viewers to choose the topics that I would create videos for.



One way that we’ll do it is through Twtpoll (See previous results here) which will allow me to ask educators and anyone else what they’d like to see covered, because admittedly there’s a lot of Microsoft Educational Technology out there and not all of it is relevant to everyone who follows TeachTec.

If you’re like most educators I speak to you don’t have any time in your day to learn something new, so I thought I’d try to condense the workshops I conduct down to snippets, some 2 min drills and some 10 min deep dives. So here’s the next video – Tony Time’s 2 Minute Drill on Office Web Apps Sign Up and Share.

Let me know what you think and don’t miss the next Twtpoll either!

Tony Time 2min Drill Office Web Apps Sign up and Share:

Objectives – 3

1. Sign up for Windows Live ID – in order to access many of our free educator tools you just need a Live ID.

2. Sing into Skydrive – 25gb of online storage FREE, FREE, FREE, no upgrade cost.

3. Create a Word Doc in Office Web Apps.

4. Share.

@TeachTec presents: Tony Time 2min Drill Office Web Apps Sign up and Share view on YouTube.

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    1. ketheredge says:

      Great overview of Office Web Apps, Tony!  Web Apps is a great tool for the classroom!

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