TeachTec is back and with music now!

Things change often when you work for a big company like Microsoft and as a result the TeachTec blog was offline for a few months (longer story), but we're here to tell you it's back!  With the new year, we are bringing back the TeachTec blog with the same goal (relevant and practical tech tips for the classroom), but with a couple of different voices.   And you should see more activity @TeachTec and on Facebook site as well.

And the "we" is the interesting part of the story...

Last year TeachTec was blogged by Rob Bayuk, who has worked at Microsoft for quite awhile, left to get a Master in Teaching and taught Social Studies and English at a Seattle area high school before returning to work on Microsoft's education programs.

This year, the new voice we will be adding will come from Tony Franklin, who has also worked at Microsoft for quite awhile, but had the unique and exciting opportunity to have his office be located at the High School of the Future, a collaborative project by Philadelphia Public Schools and Microsoft.  Tony, in his capacity at the school, helped teachers, students and administrators with all things tech!  The school was a 1:1 laptop school fortunate to have a significant amount of technology which kept Tony busy.  Last spring the school graduated its first class with the unique distinction that every student in this graduating class was accepted to a college or university - not bad!

But as I noted earlier, things change and as result Tony is now able to share the knowledge he gained at the School of the Future along with his deep technical expertise on Microsoft products.  Tony posted here a few things he learned from this unique experience.

Together we hope to bring you regular posts on what Microsoft is doing in education across our products, programs and the many resources we make available (and that we realize are sometimes hard to find, or you didn’t even know we had?! as the video below highlights!)   We hope to provide practical tricks and engaging tips for using Microsoft products in the classroom with your students and hopefully make your tech life a little easier.  Think of the TeachTec blog as the key Microsoft blog for K-12 educators interested (and excited) about using technology in the classroom.

To spice-up this first "co-blog post" Tony created a little video that internally has come to be known as "Tony Time" and expect more Tony Time.  So, check it out and let us know what you think?

Also, if you have ideas for more TeachTec Tony Time videos, we would love to hear from you.

@TeachTec Tony Time–Take One! Is the music too much? 😉


Rob (Teach) & Tony (Tec)

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  1. Love the music! Looking forward to more Tony Time.

  2. Surf4Fun says:

    Very nice, looking forward to the new TeachTec!

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