#TeachTips is back!

You may have noticed I took a short break from providing daily teacher tech tips (better known as #TeachTips) via Twitter and Facebook. I’m excited to announce that starting today, I will begin providing #TeachTips again and sharing great tips, tricks, and resources for the classroom to hopefully provide that great idea spark as you wrap-up the school year.


In case you missed some of the previous tweets and posts, here is a short list of some of the most popular #TeachTips shared over the past few months:

·         Demonstrate with video: Engage students by adding a captivating video to your PowerPoint slides http://bit.ly/msofc #TeachTips

·         Easily collaborate with colleagues by sharing lesson plans & notes with Microsoft OneNote http://bit.ly/msofc #TeachTips

·         Use the track changes and comment features in Microsoft Word to provide feedback http://bit.ly/msofc #TeachTips

·         Music chngs the emotion of lyrics: Students can use Songsmith to interpret a song in various genres http://bit.ly/an07sm #TeachTips

·         Photosynth makes it easy to intro new material by turning pics into a 3D viewing experience http://bit.ly/an07sm #TeachTips

·         See how this Texas teacher uses digital storytelling in her class with MS Photo Story http://bit.ly/cOFuhs #TeachTips

·         Movie Monday: Create a movie in a minute, really. Watch this short video overview http://bit.ly/mviemin #TeachTips

·         Free tools Friday: Check out this video overview of free tools for teachers from Microsoft http://bit.ly/freetlvid #TeachTips


Be sure to follow me @TeachTec for daily teacher tech tips and to be the first to learn about new teacher guides and resources from Microsoft.




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