Celebrating Teachers: Featuring Guest Bloggers

In honor of National Teacher Day in the U.S. next week, I will be featuring five amazing educators who will be guest blogging for me next week.  Though I have not hosted any guest bloggers on TeachTech in the past, I believe next week is a good time start as we reflect and appreciate educators throughout the country.

I read these blogs regularly and I’m really looking forward to posting some of their inspiring ideas and classroom examples. Make sure to visit this blog everyday next week to see how these innovative educators are making a difference in the lives of students in the US.

Microsoft is working to provide tools and resources that allow teachers to create engaging learning environments for their students. Despite all of the great tools available for free to teachers, it is not the tools that create an engaging environment for students – it is the teacher. Teachers are the crucial element in fostering the development of 21st century skills among today’s students.

Featured bloggers will include:

·         Monday, May 3: Lee Kolbert (@TeachaKidd), A GeekyMomma’s Blog

·         Tuesday, May 4: Vicki Davis (@CoolCatTeacher), The Cool Cat Teacher Blog

·         Wednesday, May 5: Kelly Walsh (@EmergingEdTech), Emerging EdTech

·         Thursday, May 6: Steven Anderson (@web20classroom), Blogging About the Web 2.0  Connected Classroom

·         Friday, May 7: Larry Ferlazzo (@LarryFerlazzo), Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…


Remember to take the time next week to honor educators in your community and acknowledge the essential role teachers play in making sure every student receives a quality education. Check out the National Education Association (NEA) website for some great ideas for recognizing educators in your community.

You can also leave a comment on this blog, update your status on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #TeacherDay to recognize an educator who is really making a difference.




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Comments (5)

  1. Vicki Davis says:

    Looking forward to this next week!

  2. Lee Kolbert says:

    Me too! Thanks for inviting me to participate.

  3. bryan:-

    Microsoft is working to provide tools and resources that allow teachers to create engaging learning environments for their students<a href="http://usadvancedtechnology.com&quot; rel="dofollow">Advanced Technology</a>

  4. Kelly Walsh says:

    Yes, this is a wonderful opportunity, and I’m delighted to be able to do it. Thanks so much! I hope you consider doing this again in the future and giving others the same opportunity.

  5. Jimmy Harvey says:


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