Dispatches from the Innovative Teachers Forum

Spent the morning looking at some of the fascinating projects I mentioned earlier today in this blog at the ITF Project Exhibition.  I wanted to give you a feel for some of the people participating, so I am including a fun picture of the morning events.

To note, I am using another cool (and free) picture presentation tool that comes out of Microsoft R&D called AutoCollage. Think of it like a mash-up of any digital pictures.  You point AutoCollage at a folder of pictures and it combines the pictures in all sorts of funky ways for you. This one took me about 5 minutes to create, including importing the pictures from my digital camera.


When I think about using this in the classroom, I think it would be a great way for student or group of students to start or finish a PowerPoint presentation to capture "the team" in action throughout the project.  Great way to put those cell phone cameras to an academic use.  Or in Social Studies maybe a project of images collected across the web of a famous point in history or an individual, or in a community service project documenting who the students worked with.  Lots of ideas - pictures are fun!


ITF Mountain View - Day 1 

Created in Microsoft AutoCollage – check it out.

Have fun!


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