How to go "paperless" in your classroom and collaborate along the way

Recently, I've heard about more teachers using technology move away from pushing tons of papers to students, parents and adminstration. This is a pretty cool idea because when you go "paperless" you can 1) save a tree, 2) save time running to the printer and copier, and 3) get more organized because you don't need to file all that paper! 

Unfortunately, that means students today don't have the pleasure of smelling that just mimeographed paper (ahhh... those were the days!), but moving from paper to paperless is a great way for them to be more oganized too. It can also be a terrific opportunity for students and teachers to create collaborative work environments. 

Want to learn more?  Check out the upcoming webcast Learn Ways to Create a Paperless Classroom on Tuesday, February 17th at 4:00 PM Eastern.  John DuBois from the Microsoft Solution Special team will explain and demonstrate how educators can use Microsoft Office Live, Office 2007 and OneNote to collaborate, share and distribute - virtually!

Don't worry... there won't be any handouts to print! 


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