MIEE Spotlight- Scott Duncan

Today’s MIEE Spotlight focuses on Scott Duncan, Head of Social Subjects and RME at The Waid Academy in Fife, Scotland. Keen to embrace the opportunities of technology to enhance teaching and learning, Scott actively uses Office 365 via Glow across the school. He is extremely passionate about the use of Microsoft products and technology to…


Using technology to construct knowledge

Technology is required for the knowledge construction when it allows students to complete activities that would be impossible without the use of technology in the classroom. For example, students might be asked to communicate via skype with students in another country on a project over the course of two weeks. The project is to measure…

What’s New in EDU UK

This week’s updates from the Microsoft EDU Team UK! Every Tuesday, we will be sharing the top news coming from Microsoft in Education globally and highlighting any must read blogs and videos to keep you up to date with Microsoft in Education in the UK and globally. Our ‘What’s New in EDU UK’ blog will…


Microsoft EDU Moments

Last week we were delighted to hold our first ever E2 Exchange Event at our Paddington offices and the atmosphere was electric! We even made it as a Twitter Moment! This is a result of the hard work, dedication and commitment we all have in empowering our students to achieve more, so thank you! Here…

Plan, Prepare and Produce with PowerPoint

During the academic year, we have so many opportunities to collaborate. We are always looking for new ways to add and share content with our students to give them an enriched learning experience. Keeping up with the rapid progression of technology can be a challenge but we never give up on create those eureka moments…

Microsoft Edu Moments

Happy Friday! It has been another busy week for our superb team of #MicrosoftEdu Educators!  Our Microsoft Moments blog this week will focus on: School Celebration Moment MEC Course of the Week E2 Event at  Microsoft, Paddington. Tweet Meet with with Educators Worldwide Top MIEE Tweet! Here’s this weeks Microsoft Moments: Students getting to know…

TOP 3 TIPS: Intune for Education

Deploying and managing devices in the bustling school environment can be overwhelming. Devices needing constant maintenance to provide superior performance in the classroom. Microsoft Intune for Education is software that you can use to connect classrooms and personalise your school devices through a web portal, designed to make it possible for everyone to improve productivity….


The Geography collective – a unique teacher network.

I am always amazed at the various professional networks that teachers belong to. When I was teaching, my professional network revolved mainly around the teachers I met on local authority organised training (these don’t happen to the same extent any more ) and a professional subject network, such as the Association for Science Education ….