The Geography collective – a unique teacher network.

I am always amazed at the various professional networks that teachers belong to. When I was teaching, my professional network revolved mainly around the teachers I met on local authority organised training (these don’t happen to the same extent any more ) and a professional subject network, such as the Association for Science Education ….


Innovative Teachers – Who influences your teaching?

Whilst working for Microsoft, I have had some great opportunities. One of the things that has had the biggest impact has been the people I have met. I am convinced that it would have been very unlikely that I would have met or even heard about such people when I was in the classroom. This…


Why did the chickenman cross the road?

To collect another award of course….. Regular readers of our blog will know all about the Chickenman, aka Dan Roberts. He is one of our most proactive Innovative Teachers and award winners. But he’s not just all feathers and eggs; his work is highly motivating for his students bringing Dan a number of other accolades….


Award Winning Innovative Teacher – Mandeep Atwal

Listening to the views and perspectives of students was a central recommendation highlighted in the in the 2007 Diversity and Citizenship Curriculum Review. Technology has had a major impact on allowing schools to successfully meet the recommendations our students have made. Mandeep Atwal from Shireland Collegiate Academy in the West Midlands has produced a Virtual…


Am I socially network inept or just ‘Billy No Mates’?

There are certain social protocols that we naturally adopt, such as body language, eye contact, personal space and appropriate conversation. I am the shy and retiring type and I think I am only now getting comfortable in a wide variety of social situations. But I think I am again experiencing that adolescent anxiety with digital social etiquette….