Apps for Good–making a difference

How many have heard of the organisation Apps for Good?  Their goal is to Ignite a passion for technology and social enterprise in young people in the UK Encourage young people to use technology to tackle problems for social good Increase the entrepreneurial skills and confidence of young people Bridge the gap between young people…


More Free Stuff From Microsoft #6 – Mouse Mischief

Continuing with the theme of games being used to help learning from our last Free Stuff blog post, Mouse Mischief is a fantastic way to engage students in interactive learning opportunities and can make any Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 or 2007 into a game. Mouse Mischief describes itself as a tool that integrates into Microsoft PowerPoint…


Virtual Classroom Tour–a CPD portfolio and competition entry

If you have been following this blog for a while, you will have often heard Kristen and I talking about virtual classroom tours, more commonly know as VCTs. These are the project submissions that we receive and share at the Partners in Learning Innovative Education Forums. We have over 200 VCTs hosted on the UK…


Subject Snacks–Ideas for teaching History

This weeks idea is similar to a snack that I often forget about, but when I remember, It’s delicious, but perhaps not appreciated as the gastronomic delight that it is. The snack in question is the Pot Noodle . This food technology marvel offers the best in convenience snacking, it is often maligned , once…


Maths Snacks – Your ideas

Thanks to all those that sent in an idea snacks in response to this post. Here are those we had sent in. ‘I use PowerPoint to great effect in helping children understand and visualize geometrical problems, such as to demonstrate that the area of a triangle is 1/2h*b. Have the triangle and the rectangle of…


Microsoft Office 2010 – Planting the seeds of ideas

Kristen and I are quite excited about the launch of Office 2010 (I think we need to get out more!). We have gathered some resources from our colleague Ray Fleming who writes the UK Schools Blog; he and his team have been busy creating some entertaining videos with suggestions of how they think features of Office…


Mouse Mischief for PowerPoint released

Last month I wrote a blog post about Mouse Mischief , unfortunately it appeared on the day they removed the beta version, Whoops! But, I am really pleased to announce that the full version is now available to download for free at If you haven’t read my last post and don’t know what Mouse…


The Geography collective – a unique teacher network.

I am always amazed at the various professional networks that teachers belong to. When I was teaching, my professional network revolved mainly around the teachers I met on local authority organised training (these don’t happen to the same extent any more ) and a professional subject network, such as the Association for Science Education ….