Wearable Technology

You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve? When I was in Redmond at the Partners in Learning Institute, we saw some amazing technologies in the home of the future (which I’m sworn to secrecy about – but I can say that my comment at the end of the tour was, “When can I…


Colluding or Collaborating?

It’s just over a year now since a change of government and a change of education policies. All sorts of challenges are being faced and without a crystal ball, there is still uncertainty about what the future holds for the curriculum, for school structuring, for trusts/academies, for pensions, for budgeting…. So in this current political…


Microsoft UK Innovative Teachers Forum 2010

Whilst we are in the midst of the Winter weather I am basking in the warm glow of yet another successful UK Innovative Education Forum. With over 160 teachers and educators, 2 keynotes, 6 workshops and 10 award winning teachers, this has been the largest and most successful forum we have held. It started on…


Congratulations–Our 10 Microsoft UK Innovative Education Award Winners

We are pleased to announce the  10 UK Innovative Education Award Winners who will be presented with their awards, as recognition of their Innovative Teacher status, at our Education Forum in Manchester. (There are still a few places left. sign up HERE ). They join an ever increasing group of UK Innovative Teachers, that include…


Back from Capetown–Worldwide Innovative Education Forum

This was my 6th Worldwide Innovative Education Forum and in my opinion it was far the best. Here are my reasons why:- This event clearly identified itself as an event about learning and not just technology. The projects presented by teachers were diverse, but all focussed on teaching and learning, and how technology complemented that…


Mouse Mischief for PowerPoint released

Last month I wrote a blog post about Mouse Mischief , unfortunately it appeared on the day they removed the beta version, Whoops! But, I am really pleased to announce that the full version is now available to download for free at www.microsoft.com/mousemischief If you haven’t read my last post and don’t know what Mouse…


The Geography collective – a unique teacher network.

I am always amazed at the various professional networks that teachers belong to. When I was teaching, my professional network revolved mainly around the teachers I met on local authority organised training (these don’t happen to the same extent any more ) and a professional subject network, such as the Association for Science Education ….


Mouse Mischief – make your presentations even more interactive.

A while ago I blogged about PowerPoint and highlighted some of the great resources that are available, such as Plex for PowerPoint for example. That gives     teachers and students absolutely no excuse to create boring and dull presentations and not to avoid the ‘death by PowerPoint’ scenario. Here is something that I think will…


It’s written in the stars – new resources for Worldwide Telescope

Do you believe in the idea that our futures and personalities are governed by Zodiac star signs. Here is an example, which one of these do you think describes myself and Kristen, are you able to identify our personality traits from just our blog posts? (or even from the occasions where you may have met…