Spread the word about Windows 7 Computers from just £95!

There are 9 million citizens in the UK who do not have regular access to a PC and are not enjoying the benefits of the internet.  The last significant barrier to getting people connected is the cost of a PC at home.  BBC research shows that everything you do to inspire and encourage people –…


Au revoir Kristen !

It was three years ago the current UK Partners in Learning Team announced itself to the world via this blog. It was at that time Kristen joined to lead the team. You can read her first post here . That was the start of a 3 year adventure, that has resulted in the success of…


Partners in Learning Teacher Awards 2011

Last year’s award winners talking about the event We are pleased to announce we are now accepting entries for this year’s Partners In Learning Innovative Teacher Awards. These annual awards, now in their 8th year, showcase some of the best uses of technology to support teaching and learning across the curriculum. If you’re thinking that…


Rabbit, Rabbit, #chat , chat

Rabbit , Rabbit, #chat Rabbit… I suspect many of you don’t know the pop song I am referencing in the title, so here’s the video from the cockney duo, Chas & Dave . The point I want to make is about the currently popularity of hash tag education chat forums on Twitter. Twitter is undoubtedly…


Sixth Months, Summer Camp and Swansongs

It feels as though it was just yesterday when I wrote this blog post as I started a secondment to the UK Partners in Learning team. A lot can happen in sixth months and I have to say that one of the highlights has been the Summer Camp held at Microsoft’s headquarters in Reading –…


Summer Celebrations!

  Using Community Clips A guide to using Microsoft’s free download for narrated screen capture videos – great for making "how to" guides like this!. Using Conditional Formatting in Excel 2010 This is a guide to using the conditional formatting tool in Excel. Using Office Live This guide shows how to start using Microsoft’s free…


World Wide Recognition for UK Student

Last week in San Diego, 15 year old Rebecca Rickwood pulled off a major shock at the 2011 Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office. Rebecca, who was one of the youngest contenders in the field, came out on top in the annual competition which this year attracted over 228,000 students from 57 countries around the world….


Wearable Technology

You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve? When I was in Redmond at the Partners in Learning Institute, we saw some amazing technologies in the home of the future (which I’m sworn to secrecy about – but I can say that my comment at the end of the tour was, “When can I…


Partners In Learning Institute– Doing What It Says On The Tin

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb The Partners in Learning Institute in Seattle this week has been a great experience – not least because it has all been about working in partnership with other educators from all over the world for our…


The First Partners in Learning Institute

It’s that time of year when teachers are off on holidays, the sun is meant to be shining (!) and  thoughts turn to travel…. I may be outside the classroom and not having the extra long summer holidays at the moment but my thoughts have turned to travel, too.  In fact, you could even call…