We have a winner!

Microsoft’s worldwide Innovative Teachers Forums are about teachers from all over the world forming a community and working together. More than that, however, they are about celebration. Every teacher that attends these Forums has already won an award in their country or their region, so we’re celebrating the best of the best in these worldwide…


And the Winners are ………..

Obama may have won, but there is a far more important competition going on. Yes! This is what you have all been waiting for. Who has won the coveted Innovative Teachers Awards? So, if you are drinking red wine as you read this post, put your glass down. You won’t want to spill any by…


Big Ideas and the Big Buddha

This is no holiday for the Teachers. We make them work hard, but we make sure they have a truly rewarding experience at the same time. Today, the groups of teachers went on their assigned field trips. I joined a lively group, sent to the Po Ling Monastery on Lantau Island. You can see our…


Hong Kong’s Innovative Schools

Stuart and I split up on Tuesday; he joined the teachers on educational excursions all over Hong Kong that I’m sure he’ll explain, and I sat in meetings in a hotel ballroom for most of the day. (Not that I’m bitter. Or jealous. Hotel ballrooms are lovely.) I did have one opportunity to leave the…


A meeting of Minds and wet feet!

Monday started early for me. I am still on UK time, so I found myself at 6 am in an open air swimming pool on top of a skyscraper. Breakfast was amazing; I have never seen such a variety of great food for breakfast. Having filled up on ‘Shark fin‘ dumplings, Peter and I were led on…


On the road to Hong Kong – The Journey Begins

Well, the journey has started for me. Saturday, I left the sunny, but really cold heights of Abergavenny. I arrived in Hong Kong at midday on Sunday (5.00am UK time), to weather that is cloudy and really hot – 32C. The team has already begun to meet up, arriving from different parts of the UK….


Far Eastenders or the Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum in Hong Kong

 As mentioned, next week we will be blogging ‘live’, (well, almost) from the Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum in Hong Kong. Kristen and I will be accompanied by Peter Carney and Dan Roberts whom, Kristen spoke about in her last two blog posts. They have the hardest job at the event, as they will be presenting their Virtual…


Lessons from an Innovative Teacher, Part 2

Last week I shared with you the award-winning lesson from Peter Carney of Bowring Community Sports College in Knowsley, whom Microsoft is bringing to Hong Kong to participate in our Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum. You’ll hear more from Peter when we’re in Hong Kong the first week of November. As promised, this week I’ll share…


Vista News feed Gadget and RSS feeds

Keeping track of all the communities I belong to on the Innovative Teachers Network is becoming a bit of organisational nightmare, as I just keep forgetting what I have joined. Luckily, I have managed to find some useful tools that can help me keep track of my information. Before you can use any RSS reader you…


Even more cool stuff from Microsoft.

One of the great things about my job, and I can assure you there are many, is that I get to see the latest technology as it emerges. Although a lot of the latest developments go straight over my head, it’s those that I can instantly see a use for in the classroom that I…