Microsoft Kodu Kup UK Final–The results

The Kodu Kup finals.
Photograph: Rosie Hallam.

It’s Sunday evening as I write this, the British & Irish Lions have won the rugby, Andy Murray has won Wimbledon, but for me nothing tops the Kodu Kup UK final held last Friday. Eleven teams did battle to win the coveted honour of overall Kodu Kup champions and they didn’t disappoint. This was always planned as a student focused event, yet the quality of the presentations and pitches to the judges were good enough to grace even the highest level of any conference.

It was clear that this competition was not just about programming and creating a game, it also involved collaboration, business planning, marketing and presentation skills these were all evident in the fantastic presentations

The Kodu Kup finals.
Photograph: Rosie Hallam.I must publicly thank the judges, Nicki Maddams, Theo Chin, Gary Carr and Ray Chambers who had the almost impossible task of selecting the top 3 teams. But , they did and the winners are :-

in 3rd Place – Putney High School -  Jasmine Allen,Kendal Smithers and Tilda Head with their game Cycle & the Jetatur 

in 2nd Place – Lister Community School - Akif Baruchi, Kevin Nguyen and Zakariya Haji with their game Hyper Space Invaders

in 1st Place and Microsoft Kodu Kup UK 2013 Champions – Afon Taf High School - Kayleigh Bennett, Shauna Coates and Holly Bridges with their games The Dark side of Mars

The Kodu Kup finals.
Photograph: Rosie Hallam.

You can download the winning games from the Kodu Game Lab site all the resources from the Kodu Kup can be still found on the UK Partners in Learning Network –

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  1. shauna coates says:

    I had a great time at the kodu-kup final in Microsoft, the food was especially nice!

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