Is OneNote the best ever App for Tablets?

image To steal a well know UK advertising slogan, ‘If a well known beer producer made Apps, it would be OneNote’. Yes, I know I am biased, but I have been using OneNote since 2003 and now with the rise of the tablet device it is even better.

The first thing to realise about OneNote is that it comes in a number of flavours. There is the desktop version that is packaged with the Office suite. This has all the features and will run on full Windows 8 Pro devices. You should check that you have it with you current license agreement. Next is the OneNote RT version, that comes preinstalled on the Surface RT device, this almost has the full features of the desktop version , but does not have video or sound recording. Next the Windows 8 OneNote App, this is free from the Windows store for Window 8 and RT devices. Then there is the OneNote Web App accessed through Skydrive or Office 365. Next there is the Windows Phone version and before I forget, a version for iPad, iPhone and Android. You can’t say we are not inclusive at Microsoft.

Although all these different versions have differing levels of functionality, the documents created in them are all cross compatible.

So for the un-initiated, what is OneNote. Think of OneNote as a digital piece of paper onto which you can type, write, copy anything from anywhere, search, organise, record voice and video and share. The Web App version allows live collaboration.

The only thing that paper does that OneNote can’t, is Origami! But there is an app for that.

If you have Win 8 devices including Surface RT in your schools. I would suggest the first app you should install is the free OneNote app from the Windows Store. The second App should be our Free Resources App which has links to all our free resources and links to even more free great Apps.

For tutorials and examples of best practice in the classroom using OneNote, Join for free the Microsoft Partners in Learning Network at

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