Microsoft Edu Moments

Happy Friday! It has been another busy week for our superb team of #MicrosoftEdu Educators! 

Our Microsoft Moments blog this week will focus on:

  1. School Celebration Moment
  2. MEC Course of the Week
  3. E2 Event at  Microsoft, Paddington.
  4. Tweet Meet with with Educators Worldwide
  5. Top MIEE Tweet!

Here's this weeks Microsoft Moments:

Students getting to know their STEM club materials ready for an exciting year ahead! 

Our Microsoft Educator Community course this week highlights the value of real-time feedback to students. Hit the link below to get started!


Promoting our exciting, first ever E2 event at our Paddington Offices on October 3rd to 5th. Sign up, come along and unlock your potential of using Microsoft learning tools in the classroom!

With Back to School in full steam, the Microsoft Edu team have been busy promoting the incredible learning tools including Microsoft Teams, Sway and OneNote class notebook. Join our next TweetMeet with educators from all around the world! Get first hand support to ensure your students are equipped with their Digital Pencil case for the year ahead! 

Top MIEE Tweet! - Here Paul explains the power behind agility in the classroom! No need to be tethered to the front of the classroom to share content, immerse your students within their learning environment! 

So that wraps up this weeks Microsoft Edu Moments. If you would like to share your successes and feature in this blog please contact Jose Kingsley via Twitter!

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