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I have been asked a lot for the links in my free Windows App. As some don’t as yet haven’t upgraded. So whilst that is happening I thought I would list all the links in that App, that can be accessed in a non Win 8 environment. What this exercise proved was that Apps are fantastic for consolidating information in a simple accessible form. So my advice is get Windows 8, download the Windows 8 Free App - . In the meantime here are the links in that app.

Microsoft Partners in Learning –

Teachers Blog –

UK Schools Blog -

Partner in learning Youtube channel –


Kodu is a free visual games creation application. It's the perfect way to introducing coding into the curriculum

Kodu Software -

Kodu Video Guides - 

Kodu Kup Video -

Kodu Teacher Guides -

Tweet the Queen of Kodu @geekynicki –

Project Spark -


Touchdevelop is a free scripting code creation application. It's the perfect way to introduce more advanced coding into the curriculum

TouchDevelop –

Touchdevelop Video Guides -

TouchDevelop Free Book -

TouchDevelop Scheme of Work -

Expert Help - Tweet @lanky_boi_ray –

Touchdevelop Curriculum -

Expert Help - Tweet @drenton72 -

Touchdevelop Help videos -

Touchdevelop API Reference -


imageAll the professional developer tools you need from Microsoft for your Student for Free

Dreamspark =

Other Computing Resources

Computing at School - image

Computer Science uplugged -

ComputerXplorers -

Technocamps -

InPractice .org –KS1 computing -

Windows 8 & Office 365

Microsoft UK Education Slideshare- image

Office 365 Free E-Book -

The Offperts - Student Experts in Office 365 –

Microsoft Blogs

Microsoft UK Further Education Blog -

Microsoft UK Faculty Blog -

Microsoft UK Education Cloud Blog -

Daily Edventures Blog -

Teacher Blogs

@GeekyNicki -

@ritzertech -

@chickensaltsh -

@lanky_boi_ray -

@daviderogers -

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