Flipping the Classroom with Tablet Academy

An event for primary and secondary schools to explore the theory and practise of Flipping the Classroom.image

How it can improve teaching and learning?

10am Keynote. - Professor Steve Molyneux.

The CEO of the Tablet Academy covers the importance of creating, managing and using video in a flipped environment. A presentation that focuses on how mobile devices change the pedagogy of the learning environment enabling students to learn independently, allowing for a flipped approach to teaching and learning.

£99 per person, limited spaces
2nd December 2013, 9.30am - 3.15pm
BCS The Chartered Institute for IT
Covent Garden, London

Event Programme
All delegates will have the opportunity to experience the Keynote and all 3 workshops below.

Workshop 1. Participate in a flipped Lesson.
Become a student again and experience for yourself the freedom of independent learning in a flipped classroom. During the lesson you will discover at your own pace, learning new teaching tools on mobile devices.

Workshop 2. MediaCore in a flipped learning environment.
MediaCore provide an affordable solution for schools to manage flipped learning. This workshop is about seeing how simple it is to manage and use.

Workshop 3. Case Studies.
Hear from other schools who are already flipping the classroom including the challenges and the rewards they discovered when changing the way they teach.

Competitions and Event Offersimage
There will be a number of special offers only available at this event and two lucky winners will be selected at a prize draw at the end of the event.

Prize 1: A MediaCore School account for a year worth £2,800.

Prize 2: Tablet Academy consultancy services worth £600.


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