Agility and Feedback with OneNote

Educators are constantly assessing their students on content knowledge. We often walk around the classroom to see where students are at, whole class probe, and commonly use "exit tickets" as a strategy for formative assessment. The process can feel both repetitive and limiting.

Thankfully, all of this can be done without the educator being "trapped" at the front of the room by a wired projector. Using Miracast technology, exclusive to Windows, educators can easily and wirelessly connect their computer to the projector. This allows the teacher to move around the room, help individual students, redirect off-task behaviour, make notations about student progress in their notebook, and assess student comprehension through polling the whole class at once. Never once must the teacher return to the front of the classroom.

Providing students with live feedback, enriches their learning outcome, keeps them focussed and ensures there is a transparency through the learning process. Students no longer fear what their feedback will look like the following day but be able to address it in the moment to ensure a maximised learning outcome can be obtained.

Using Microsoft Tools and Wireless device connectivity alone, has the power to innovate an educators pedagogical approaches to effective assessment in the classroom.



Click on the link below to access the online tutorial on how to use provide feedback using OneNote.

Top 3 Tips to provide feedback using OneNote:

  1. Draw and Ink as you would on Paper - Using the pen on your device to annotate student work (click on the draw tab and choose a pen colour)
  2. Record Audio and Video and comment verbally as you annotate using the OneNote native radio and video recording tools
  3. Each group member types in different colours, or the teacher chooses a different colour to the student work sample

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