T&L e-zine: Become an Office 365 expert with the Offperts


We thought it would be a nice idea to produce weekly ‘Microsoft Teaching & Learning’ e-zines (online newsletters). The series will feature some great examples of how our Microsoft Innovative Educators and Microsoft Showcase Schools are using technology in the classroom. Hopefully, these little T&L snippets will inspire a little innovation in your own classrooms. 

In this weeks’ e-zine explore the video tutorials created by Microsoft Expert Educator Scott Wieprecht and The Offperts from Saltash.NET Community school.
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Where it all Began

The videos produced are scripted, filmed and produced by the OffPerts. They offer simple, practical advice on the benefits of using different features, and step by step guides on how to do it.



Series 2 Teaser

We caught up with five of them – two Georges, two Jacks and Max – to find out how they make the most of it.


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SkyDrive Basics

You can save directly from Office 2013, sync with a folder on your PC, or for when you’re not on your home PC or need to upload a non-Office file, such as  a picture, you can use drag and drop to quickly and easily upload files.



Customising your Layout

Change the look and feel of your class site for each topic and theme you teach.


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Introduction to NewsFeed

Newsfeed is improved with new microblogging functionality that enables students and teachers to do so much more then just comment.




Outlook Calendar, which you can share in whole or part with anyone you choose .


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Microsoft HQ Office 365 Launch

Watch the OffPerts present at the Microsoft HQ in Reading.



BBC Radio Cornwall Interview

In recognition of the great work they are doing, and following a visit and presentation at Microsoft’s UK headquarters, BBC Radio Cornwall interviewed the OffPerts.


Educator Spotlight: Scott Wieprecht

My name is Scott Wieprecht, I am an educator born and bred from the South West England, having worked in education for the last 10 years, and as a teacher of Mathematics for the last 5 years.

I was one of the first teachers to adopt 3D technology for educational use and was featured in the BETT TES edition for his use with it. I have always been proud to try the latest offerings, and find out if it will benefit my pupils and their learning. This approach led to me integrating Office 365 into my practices in September 2012 when it has only just launched.
Setting up a group of students to discover and assist others with its use, now affectionately dubbed "The OffPerts", My student team created a website, and began to publish OffVids (tutorial videos on how to use Office 365 in a classroom) and tips and tricks on how to get the most from the platform.


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