MIEE Spotlight- Leanne Hunt

Today's MIEE Spotlight is shining upon Leanne Hunt, Key Stage 2 Teacher from St. Gabriel & St. Raphael Catholic Primary School in South Wales. She has been using technology innovatively in her classroom to engage pupils in their learning and supporting other teachers across her Local Authority.

Leanne was involved in a project called 'Hearts, Souls and Minds' where she facilitated the use of innovative technologies across schools in her Local Authority. One of these fantastic learning experiences was using Minecraft to recreate a local heritage park. The pupils then used the recording feature in PowerPoint to record and share their learning with a real life audience. Leanne also effectively used Office 365 through Hub, Wales' Learning porta,l to work collaboratively with the other schools involved in the project. This is something that could not have been achieved without Leanne's incredible use of the technology, truly breaking down local barriers!

Leanne has also supported 12 local Primary Schools in her area to adopt technology by utilising the 21st Century CLD Framework on the Microsoft Educator Community. The teachers were given specific training on the tools available through Office 365 in Hub by Leanne and put into context through the joint Olympics Topic.

You can follow Leanne's school on Twitter @SsLove2learn to keep up to date with the fantastic work they are doing .

Watch the video below to hear more about Leanne's development and classroom practices in own words!


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