MIEE Spotlight- Andrew Hay

Today's spotlight is shining on Andrew Hay, Principal Teacher of Technologies at Eyemouth High School in Scotland. Andrew loves using technology in the classroom to enhance the teaching and learning in his classroom and also to save himself time as a teacher.

Andrew uses OneNote Class Notebook in his technology classes instead of traditional textbooks, to inspire and engage his student in their learning. This allows his students to access class content such as course notes, SQA documentation and exam revision material in the one place, that can be accessed from any device! This has saved Andrew's department a lot of money on photocopying as he no longer gives booklets of paper to his class, all of the course content sits in the class OneNote.

Using OneNote has enabled Andrew and his classes to collaborate effectively using the Collaboration Space. They can share ideas, exam preparation and give peer feedback in a quick and easy way using ink, text, voice notes or videos.

As well as this, Andrew uses a wide range of Office 365 tools in his classroom. Using PowerPoint's record feature, he was able to create support videos that could be easily shared with pupils who needed extra support in the content library of his class OneNote.

You can follow Andrew on Twitter @CDTMrHay to keep up to date with the fantastic work he is doing .

Interact with the Sway below to hear more about Andrew's development and classroom practices in his own words!


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