The Agile Educator: Using the Classroom as a Learning Tool

The traditional classroom setup, featuring a device setup at the front on a disorganised desk is a familiar scene to us all. We see this as our safety blanket, what we know and educators can often lose important feedback and learning opportunities with this static way of presenting content. Without doubt, we want to be in the moment of learning but can often be statically positioned in the same spot every day, every lesson. Windows 10 supports connecting a device wirelessly to enable an educator to be sharing content whilst being immersed in the learning around the classroom, at the same time. How cool is that!

By wirelessly connecting your device to your digital screen, agility happens naturally. It is learning that cannot be planned, but enhanced. Immediately, you will be in the moment, providing real-time feedback to students who may need that extra bit of support or thought process extended. Setup is simple and with these three easy steps, you will wonder why you didn't ditch the desk sooner. Maximise your teaching time and the learning outcome will follow.

Here are the Top 3 tips to help get you started:

  1. Know your content: Depending on what lesson you are teaching, think about what area a particular student in your class may have difficulty with. Positioning yourself close to them, will enable you to answer their questions and progress. You can provide feedback directly, without disturbing other students during this process.

  2. Know your device: Always check what wireless connection option will support your device before taking the plunge. You want to be sure that the option you choose, will support your device and support the immersive learning experience.

  3. Know your audience: Personalise your content to compliment the different learning style of the students. What you're displaying is vital to the learning process so ensure it is purposeful.

Check out the quick tutorial video!

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