Worldwide Telescope 5.0 – a window on the universe

Apps are currently all the rage but lets not forget that there are some fantastic desktop applications. One in particular is the brilliant Worldwide Telescope. launched in 2008,it iss now celebrating its 5th anniversary with the launch of Worldwide Telescope 5.0

This new version offers powerful new features and includes access to exciting new data sets. The entire rendering system has been rewritten with cutting-edge technologies that give users a high-performance, cinematic experience.

Make movies with the new timeline editor that provides detailed control of camera motion, settings, and animation.

What’s more, WWT can now import and display highly detailed 3D models, and it even comes preloaded with several, including a high-fidelity representation of the International Space Station.

WWT 5.0 includes data about the moon from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. For Mars and Earth, new models that show how sunlight interacts with the planetary atmospheres provide realistic visualization effects, including simulated sunrises and sunsets. In WWT’s 3D mode, you can search for an Earth-based location and instantly fly to it.

The BBC in the UK are currently running a series of programmes called Stargazing Live. You can follow up this interest with your students by  charting the sky with a collection of new and enhanced overlays that work in both the Sky and 3D-universe modes.

If you running Windows 7 or have a Windows 8/8.1 Pro device then treat yourself to some breath-taking imagery and the wonders of the universe by downloading Worldwide Telescope 5.


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