TOP 3 TIPS: Intune for Education

Deploying and managing devices in the bustling school environment can be overwhelming. Devices needing constant maintenance to provide superior performance in the classroom. Microsoft Intune for Education is software that you can use to connect classrooms and personalise your school devices through a web portal, designed to make it possible for everyone to improve productivity. From full and/or part-time IT support to head teachers, managing Intune is designed to accomplish everyday things that you need to do with your devices. Without doubt, Intune for Education can help students from getting off-track while using their devices and lets you evaluate learner progress with assessments.

In the classroom, Intune for education plays an integral role in delivering the best experience for students, with focussed sensitivity of their age range and accessibility to content and apps. Take a Year 2 classroom for example; There is going to be particular apps and settings that will need disabling to ensure they are using technology to learn safely. By disabling the location services and camera feature on their devices, you are ensuring that precious learning time is maximised and students are focussed.

Here are the Top 3 Tips to consider using Intune for Education:

  1. Strategize: Intune for education should not be a decision just for Senior Leadership. Invite your entire teaching staff to brainstorm what is best for their phase, years group and class. Remember, you have the opportunity to personalise a student's device experience at a granular level, make the most out of Intune for Education.

  2. Express Set up feature: Regardless of how many devices you deploy, set up has never been quicker (3 simple steps in fact). Customise settings, hardware, apps, browsers and Start menu and assign them to your students for a personalised learning experience.

  3. School Data Sync made simple: Intune for Education automatically creates groups based on school roster data, so your apps and settings can be applied to students, educators and devices with no additional work required.

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