AQA + New National Curriculum+ IT Academy = Great computer science learning

AQA HomeI have spoke to many ICT teachers and inevitably the conversation turns to the issue of the exam syllabus. Which should they choose? Making sure they have the correct resources, curriculum materials and certification. Luckily the answer is fairly simple, choose a Microsoft solution through AQA and IT Academy. The AQA computer science syllabus provides students with real-world, practical programming techniques that give them a good understanding of what makes technology work. IT Academy and its MTA programmes provides all the rich curriculum activities and knowledge base you need to deliver the AQA syllabus, finally you can use the tools in our Dreamspark offering ( of all our developer tools for free, along with other free resources such as and App Studio. Perfect you might think? But no, we are teachers after all and we are pre-determined to look at the details. ‘How do all these things link together and map to the curriculum?’ is often the question. But thankfully now I have the answer, but more to the point, the Windows App.

Working with the brilliant Microsoft  Educator Expert, Ray Chambers @lanky_boi_Ray we have been able to develop a simple Windows App that gives you all the info you need. Choose a curriculum area and the app with tell you the corresponding AQA exam syllabus and MTA curriculum that will help you teach that. All the mapping has been done for you.image

Before you ask ….Smile 

We will be working on mapping other exam boards shortly.

In the meantime you can download the App from the Windows Store and if you are attending BETT, come and see Ray presenting this app and other aspects of his great work on the Microsoft stand.

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