Touchdevelop that special someone’s heart this Valentine’s Week

imageAre you looking for that ultimate geeky romantic gift for that special someone this Valentine’s Day? Then why not code them their very own ‘Love me, Love me not’ app using a Touchdevelop tutorial?

Created for the Hour of Code the ‘Love me,Love me Not’ tutorial guides you through making a simple visual app that simulates plucking petals from a virtual rose to discover if you have a special place in someone’s heart. Find it at 

Touchdevelop is browser based and will run on any platform. If you have a Windows 8.1 device then you can publish your app onto your device.

This is all good fun, hopefully not only will it help you find true love, but encourage you to register for the UK’s first Hour of Code taking place between the 3rd and 9th March 2014. There are range of tutorials available for all ages, expertise and devices. Of course you can always use you own resources, maybe a lesson you have already planned for that week, can be an ‘Hour of code’.

When completed, there are even personalised certificates you can print off for your students. All available from

imageIf you would like to learn more about Touchdevelop or want a more in depth tutorial to start during the hour of code, then download the ‘How to build your first App Course’ -

So Happy Valentine’s Day, Red Roses are so overrated, give code to the one you love!

I will let you know what the current Mrs Ball thinks Smile

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