Miracle Babies

Many of you will know Nicki Cooper (nee Maddams) and her award winning work with Kodu. I suspect many of have used or are using her great Kodu resources that earned her the nickname ‘Queen of Kodu’. Her blog http://www.interactiveclassroom.net/ is still one the best teacher resource you will find. Many of you have asked me where Nicki has been lately, she has been a little busy with her new family.

Blogs can offer welcome help and support in all aspects of our education based lives, but sometimes it’s useful to step outside and re-adjust our perspectives on our perceived challenges Nicki has given us so much with her support for Kodu and Computer Science. I thought I would like to reciprocate by sharing Nicki’s experience, a worthwhile cause and her latest blog project.

Nicki has found time to setup a new blog http://miraclebabies.co.uk . It has been designed to offer support, guidance and hope to parents of premature babies going through the rollercoaster journey of neonatal intensive care.

Nicki and her husband Kevin spent 16 weeks under the care of the amazing team at the Oliver Fisher Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with their son Henry, who along with his twin brother, Archie, was born at just 23 weeks gestation. Archie sadly lost his battle on day 2 but Henry fought on and came home one week before his due date, on 18th April 2016. This has been the inspiration for this new blog.

You can read and share Henry’s journey, which is joyful, yet heart-breaking at times, but I am just going to share this post from Nicki herself.

‘the really exciting thing about having a baby home that has spent time in hospital is that you appreciate everything they do. Kevin and I get excited every time Henry does a burp after feeding, we both enjoy changing nappies, no matter how smelly, and when Henry has me up for several hours during the night I just think of it as an opportunity to catch up on the cuddles we missed out on while he was in hospital, because leaving him there every night was the hardest part.’

Congratulations Nicki and Kevin on your beautiful family from us all.


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