Student ports Minecraft to micro:bit ??

This unbelievable piece of information landed on my desk this morning and it is so exciting, I thought I would share it with you before 12.00pm

Ross Lowe, microbit evangelist and entrepreneur has just ported a version of Minecraft to his microbit. I don't have the full details yet, but he used the Javascript Orientated Kernel Edition of Minecraft and a coding language call Lirpa Loof (a derivative of Block editor apparently) to create a pseudo world that allows you to enjoy Minecraft. Ross will be releasing how he did this shortly.

As you can see from the image attached it is not too far away from an Ender.

You can find loads of great ideas of what to do with your micro:bit at

What will you do?

We hoped you enjoyed this April Fool's joke, Minecraft is not available for the micro:bit .......yet 🙂

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