The BBC microbit will create entrepreneurs

The BBC microbit officially begins rolling out to a million students today. Somewhere in a class is a student who will be the next big deal in technology entrepreneurship. You may have the next Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Clive Sinclair or Satya Nadella sitting in your class right now. It might be this moment that leads them on that career path, Daunting thought isn’t it?

Those students have who managed to get their hands on a microbit have already made a start. Here is a great example from Ross Lowe (you will have heard him mentioned in this blog before). Not only has he written the resources supporting the Block Editor on , but has found time to set up his own company, undertake R&D and bring a product to market.

Here is that product.

Introducing the Go! Invent Kit for the BBC Micro:bit!

After playing around with the Micro:bit for a few months we decided to create an expansion board for students like usto take their code from the Micro:bit and bring it into the physical world.

We developed a small circuit board with LEDs, crocodile clip pads, a Light Dependent Resistor, Piezo sounder, andbross1 diodes. To extend the sensor capabilities of the micro:bit. The kit also includes crocodile clips as well as more components - a variable potentiometer, toggle switches, tilt switches, and more! The kit also features full instructions for invention ideas - make a cuckoo clock, room alarm, smart watch, clever plant sensor, and anything you can think of - the kit has been designed to connect straight to the Micro:bit so you can conveniently code even more cool stuff with the Micro:bit.

How to order.

Order a Class set at of £5.00 per board – minimum order 30 or order individually at £15.00 inc p+p.

We're taking preorders now - so get in touch before the first round is gone!

Find us on @BrossKits or

You can hear Ross Today on Radio 4 – Today Programme (catch it on iPlayer), talking about the micro:bit to John Humphries

bross2BROSS computing, the next big thing? You heard it here first.

If you have a student micro:bit project that you would like to share then send me details on twitter @innovativeteach.


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