Announcing the Official Kodu Kup Training Partner – ComputerXplorers

If you have been thinking about entering this year’s Kodu Kup, but feel perhaps you can do with some help to get started. Then why not get some training from ComputerXplorers, this year’s official training partner for Kodu Kup UK.

Preparing children for a technology driven futureimage

ComputerXplorers specialise in igniting young children’s interest in computing with accessible, engaging classes. Their classes don’t simply teach skills – they give pupils a hunger to stretch their abilities and try new things.

ComputerXplorers is part of the world's largest franchised network providing  fun and engaging quality technology education for children. ComputerXplorers operates across the UK in the South and South West of the country as well as the Midlands, the London area, the North of England and Scotland and Wales. For more specific information on locations check out their website.

As part of the ComputerXplorers Programming for Primaries Week (24th to 30th March 2014) ComputerXplorers is providing free programming classes to local primary schools in their areas.

The free classes are available to a group of children (Year 3+ working with Kodu) or to a group of teaching staff (an Introduction to Programming for Primary school teachers).

Get in touch with them via their website ComputerXplorers Programming for Primaries.

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