First rule of MEC Club is, talk about MEC Club

As an avid Twitter user and participant of the hash chat, I have been thinking could Twitter be used to deliver CPD courses in a social way? As sort of 'not so massive online course'. I would like to invite you to join with me in an experiment. The new Microsoft Educator Community has a number of courses with associated badges. I am planning to run a series of webinars with associated support through Twitter and Yammer, to develop a group of Educators that undertake activity together to earn their badges for CPD. It will be a bit like those people that meet together to go running in parks, but warmer!

To join MEC Club is easy, click on this link to sign up for a virtual ticket. will give you the details of the first Webinar, please make sure you use a relevant email address, as I will use that to add you the associated Yammer group. MEC Club will also use the Twitter hash tag #mecclub Next, join the free Microsoft Educator Community –

The first Webinar will be on the 16th November 4.30pm –Join Us

We will try and endeavour to complete as many of the Microsoft Educator Community Badges as we can, for as long as people wish to be part of the club.

Here are just some of the badges you can earn:-

  • 21CLD
  • Digital Literacy
  • Facebook Master
  • Twitter Master
  • Skype Master Teacher
  • Teaching with Technology


Along the way we can share experiences, ideas and best practice. MEC Club is open to all UK educators, regardless of device and software preference. We are looking at developing CPD and great teaching and learning.

By joining the Microsoft Educator Community and having a look around you will earn your first few badges. So come on join MEC Club. You know the first rule….. talk about MEC Club

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