Who are these Innovative Teachers?


Luckily they are all around us working away in our school and classrooms, up and down the country in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and in my job I get to meet these people and have the privilege to work with them. I would like to share with you some their work which you can freely download from the Innovative Teachers Network  (ITN).

All of these teachers have used the ITN as means to develop their use of technology in the classroom. If you are looking to develop your use of technology then looking at the work of these teachers is an ideal place to start. 

You can find their work on the Innovative Teachers Network, Once you have signed in, click the Learning Resources Tab and select Virtual classroom Tours, you can then scroll down the list to find them.

*If you are accessing the Innovative Teachers Network for the first time you will need to register, this is completely free and will you give access to huge variety of resources and information.

Name School VCT title Comment
Julie Millward Bowring Community Sport College Shiverpool To help raise the achievement of students’ literacy, taking them away from traditional English lessons, and encouraging them to learn in different ways studying the ghost of Liverpool
Alison Tiltman   Bathtime Business

Pupils learn how bath bombs work in order to create their own design. They will then create their own virtual business  as an ‘Apprentice’ type of competition where pupils will be ‘hired’ if they win.

Dan Roberts Saltash.Net Community College Recharge the Battery

Battery Hens are rescued and helped by the students to a new life ,they explore the big picture and students complete an activity to produce their own video or audio podcast  Peer assessment is then used to evaluate and assess the students progress in groups.

Alessio Bernardelli Croesceiliog Comprehensive Creative Science Investigations

Pupils carry out a Chromatography experiment acting as real Forensic Scientists in a role play in which a crime scene has been set up. They report their conclusions in a number of ways including Photo Story

Clare Satchwell City of Lincoln Community College, Learning Live We use a social networking tool the students are already familiar with, that is free, and easy to use. We have simply started using it for an academic purpose. Students can contact staff when they need assistance with their coursework or revision, and get that help INSTANTLY
Peter Carney Bowring Community Sport College Spy Academy

The aim of this activity is to allow students to be creative thinkers. They are asked to use their imagination and intellect to generate ideas, insights and solutions to find a culprit and solve a crime. Students work in teams, evaluating a range of sources and evidence to eliminate suspects, reaching an informed decision on who they believe to be the culprit.

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