101 ideas for ICT in the classroom


These are a real snack fest of ideas (low on fat, but high in cool things to do in the classroom) to develop innovative ideas using technology across the curriculum. They include  ideas for art, History, D&T,Geography,Science, PE, Music, MFL, English and Maths and are suitable for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 pupils. So there is something here for everyone. Each idea consists of a single  A4 word document, there is an example below.

These ideas can be found on the Innovative Teachers Network under Learning resources > Quick ideas and are two zip files called 101 ideas and 101 ideas 2nd. You can also find another 101 ideas created by colleagues in Europe (they are in english), you will need to use the search facility to find this. In the search box on any page on the site type ‘101 ideas’, the file you want is called ‘101_angol_3.pdf ‘, click the corresponding URL to download the file.

I hope you enjoy these resources and find them useful, please feel free to contribute any activities that these resources prompt you to create, to the Innovative Teachers Network. You could upload the resources to the Quick Ideas section under Learning Resources and share them with other teachers.


Example 101 Ideas

Art - Design


To create movie presentations: Photostory 3

To download information: MSN Livesearch

Learning Objective:

  • about continuity and change in the roles, purposes and audiences of artists, craftspeople and designers

  • to discuss and question critically, and select from a range of visual and other information to help them develop ideas for independent work.

  • to record and analyse first-hand observations, and to explore ideas for different purposes and audiences

  • to organise and present this material in different ways


  • Show pupils examples of contemporary decorative and applied art, e.g. fashion, textiles, ceramics, furniture.

  • Talk about the influences of diverse cultures on our lives and 'lifestyle'.

  • Discuss examples of contemporary design and ask pupils to suggest where ideas might have come from. Ask pupils to research, using the Internet, about the history of certain styles.

  • Ask them to suggest how and why styles change. Talk about the idea that style in art and design is often reflected in other art forms, e.g. the connections between art deco and jazz.

  • Ask the children to create a movie timeline presentation that will demonstrate how certain factors have impacted design.



The Learners can find music that can fit in with their chosen design and use this to score their presentation timeline.

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