Any science teachers out there?

My fellow blogger Stuart was a science teacher, and still talks about things like chaos theory and tarantulas. Even though I taught English and French, I found this quick science resource too fun to keep to myself.


A colleague of mine at Microsoft sent around these short video snippets featuring a cartoon Einstein who teaches some of the basic concepts of physics. The resources described here were created by Deutsche World, the German equivalent of BBC World Service. (Don't worry - they're in English!)

We get excited about them because they make use of Microsoft's great Silverlight system and are pretty beautiful to look at.

But by covering topics such as E=mc2 and gravity, in about two minutes each, they provide simple explanations of difficult concepts and are the perfect introduction to a lesson. The visual stories presented by this little "Einsteinchen" are easy to understand for even the most science-phobic of students (I include myself in that group...).


You can view all 12 videos by clicking here, or visiting the Quick Ideas section of the Innovative Teachers Network. We're always on the lookout for quick ideas for the classroom, and I'm sure you are, too. You can upload your own Quick Ideas using the template here.

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