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Recently I told you about the E-Librarian, a service to help you in your search for information on education topics. (To refresh your memory, click HERE for that post.) Today I have another time-saving tool to help you with UK-specific education research.

Say you want to search for information on using Tablet PCs in your classroom. If you use Microsoft Live Search or that other search engine that starts with a "G", your top results will include lists of places where you can buy Tablet PCs, a Wikipedia article on Tablet PCs and, if you scroll further, more places where you can buy Tablet PCs. You'll have to refine your search quite a bit to get to any research or information on using Tablet PCs in schools, and even then it will take you a while to find information that is specific to the UK.

Don't give up the search yet! The TDA and Microsoft have created a tool called the Education Evidence Portal (EEP), designed to help anyone search for materials from a variety of reputable sources in the UK.

If you enter the same search for Tablet PCs in EEP, here's what you get.


There are 137 results for research and other education-specific evidence relating to Tablet PCs. The drop-down list shows the organisations in England and Scotland where these documents are being pulled from.eepgadget

To make it even easier, those of you using Windows Vista can install the EEP Vista gadget. Here's mine. It enables me to search EEP right from my desktop - doesn't get much  easier than that! (I'm only posting this photo to remind myself that there was at least one sunny day in England this year...)

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