Far Eastenders or the Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum in Hong Kong

image As mentioned, next week we will be blogging ‘live’, (well, almost) from the Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum in Hong Kong. Kristen and I will be accompanied by Peter Carney and Dan Roberts whom, Kristen spoke about in her last two blog posts. They have the hardest job at the event, as they will be presenting their Virtual Classroom Tours; Spy Academy and Recharge the Battery, with teachers from all around the world, to a panel of judges who will select the best VCTs in the categories of : Content, Community and Collaboration.

We will be bringing you all the action from the event, with guest bloggers, photos and comments, and I will be trying out some GPS technology linked to Virtual Earth and Photosynth, so you will be able to see our travels directly.

We are really excited to be attending this event and are hoping to give you a true sense of the experience and maybe inspire you to submit your own Virtual Classrooms Tours. So next year it could be YOU attending this event!

Can we all wish Peter and Dan good luck? And in true Soap Opera style… Who will win the coveted awards? Who will lose their luggage? Where is the Gala Dinner? Find out next week in Far Eastenders!  Doof, Doof, Doof…….

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