On the road to Hong Kong – The Journey Begins

IMAGE_050Well, the journey has started for me. Saturday, I left the sunny, but really cold heights of Abergavenny. I arrived in Hong Kong at midday on Sunday (5.00am UK time), to weather that is cloudy and really hot - 32C.

The team has already begun to meet up, arriving from different parts of the UK. I met Kristen at Heathrow. We were joined by the Irish and Northern Irish group, and - providing an example of the strength of the Innovative Teachers Network - we instantly began talking about our Virtual Classroom tours. At the Hotel, I have caught up with Peter and we are expecting Dan later tonight. All is looking good.

Since being here I have spoken to many teachers that I have only known through their Virtual Classroom Tours, and this got me thinking: are the VCTs a reflection of more than just the best practice of the teacher who created them? Can they give an insight into some of the wider contexts of the education system of a country? I think they certainly illustrate the approaches to learning that are used to deliver the curriculum. But, do they also reflect where a country is in its thinking of how to use technology to support learning?

What do you think? You can have a look for yourselves. The VCTs uploaded by the teachers attending this event are all available in the Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum – Teachers Community*. In previous posts we have highlighted the VCTs of our two award winning teachers. Do you think their VCTs of ‘Recharge the Battery’ and ‘Spy Academy’ reflect the current thinking on ICT and the curriculum in the UK? We would welcome your thoughts.

I did promise some ideas of using ‘foolproof’ GPS technology to plot our journey. But, this fool forgot to press the correct button on the GPS gadget, so it didn’t work. I will try again!

Stay tuned for more from Hong Kong all week long!

*Note: If this is your first time accessing the Innovative Teachers Network, you will not be able to access the community directly from this link. You'll need to go to http://uk.innovativeteachers.com and register to create a username and password for the site. Then click the link above (where you'll be prompted for your username and password) to get to the VCTs.

Comments (2)

  1. sarah armstrong says:

    I was fortunate to be involved in a number of previously hosted Innovative Teachers Forums and would like to pass on my congratulations to those teachers who have been invited to attend in recognition of their excellent work. It would be interesting if the blogs from the event could capture key themes raised by educators from around the world so that those who aren’t able to join in person can keep abreast of the current global developments in education. The event has historically seeded dynamic and stimulating dialogue and demonstration of innovation in practice and I very hope to hear more as your event unfolds! Sarah Armstrong, UK

  2. davegarland says:

    Well I hope that you have all arrived safely and are enjoying the event. It was such a privilege for me to attend the European event in Zagreb.

    All the very best of luck to the UK team and remember me to anyone I met in Croatia !

    I think the most telling thing about our VCTs is that they are reflecting the way in which learners are starting to use cheap or free web based tools to communiate and collaborate and that as educators we can tap in to this vein of interest.

    Good luck!  Is there a live feed at all during the event and has a bloke in a chicken costume found a MacDonalds yet ????  🙂

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