A meeting of Minds and wet feet!

Monday started early for me. I am still on UK time, so I found myself at 6 am in an open air swimming pool on top of a IMAGE_056skyscraper. Breakfast was amazing; I have never seen such a variety of great food for breakfast. Having filled up on ‘Shark fin‘ dumplings, Peter and I were led on a shopping expedition by Kristen, who assures me that Louis Vuitton never played inside left for Chelsea! However, our exploration of downtown Hong Kong was cut short, by the heaviest rain shower I have ever seen. Subsequently we arrived back our hotel absolutely soaked through. It seems that weather is a UK tradition that Hong Kong still maintains.

A quick change of clothes and we were ready for the today’s briefing meeting. This is first occasion that the attending teachers get together. Straight away they are eased out of their comfort zones by being assigned to groups with teachers from other countries and are encouraged to find out as much as they can about each other. It's amazing to see how everybody overcomes their initial nervousness and reservations. The whole room suddenly become teachers sharing their experiences, which is fascinating experience.

The session was lead by Les Foltos from the Puget Sound Center for teaching, learning, and technology. He set the task for each group to create a learning activity based around the field trips planned for Tuesday. These will be made available on the Innovative Teachers Network as soon as we're finished.

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